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Simba Gill, PhD

Simba Gill, PhD, is president and chief executive officer of Evelo Biosciences, a Flagship VentureLabs® company leading the development of monoclonal microbials, a new modality of medicine for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

He is also a senior partner at Flagship Pioneering, where he provides strategic counsel and support to the firm’s portfolio companies. Prior to his roles at Evelo and Flagship, Simba was a partner at TPG, a major private equity investor, where he focused on global healthcare and biotech investments. He has also held leadership roles at Roche/Boehringer Manheim.

Simba has a long track record of identifying new technologies and geographies for high-growth business opportunities. He has founded and held leading roles in multiple pioneering companies in the fields of antibodies, stem cells, directed molecular evolution, gene therapy, and immunodiagnostics. Four of these companies have gone public and three were acquired through strategic trade sales.

Simba holds his MBA from INSEAD and received his PhD from King’s College, London, where he focused on developing humanized antibodies to treat cancer in collaboration with Celltech.