Our proprietary Gene Traffic Control® platform is a powerful tool for understanding and modulating the chromatin regulatory system. We are pursuing multiple treatments for breakdowns in this system. We are the only company with the ability to study and target the chromatin regulatory system at scale, in context, and in an integrated way.

Target Identification & Validation

The first step is finding the right drug target. We use sophisticated sequencing and computational tools to identify genetically determined dependencies within the chromatin regulatory system.

By targeting genetic dependencies, we are specifically addressing the elements of this system that are implicated in disease.

Production of Components & Proprietary Assays

We employ two unique abilities in our platform. First, we produce the relevant target components of the chromatin regulatory system at scale. These components can be individual subunits, partial complexes, or full chromatin remodeling complexes and associated transcriptions factors.

Second, the components are used in a myriad of proprietary assays. Data from these assays guide the process of discovery and optimization.

Drug Discovery & Optimization

Once we have identified a drug target, we use high-throughput screens to discover a drug compound that can potentially modulate the chromatin regulatory system and impact diseases. During our drug discovery process, we iterate and optimize the drug compound based on results from proprietary assays.

Targeted Protein Degradation

In large, multi-subunit complexes, like chromatin remodeling complexes, some subunits have a known enzymatic function, but others do not. When we target subunits without an enzymatic function, our drug compound binds to the target and directs it to the cell’s protein degradation system. We can also use this approach to target subunits that have an enzymatic function.

Translation to Clinic and Identification of Biomarkers

Throughout each step of the platform, we carefully consider the mechanism of action and relevant biology. For each therapy, we determine the pertinent biomarkers and the groups of patients who are most likely to benefit.

Our Platform

We have developed our proprietary Gene Traffic Control® platform, which allows us to identify and validate new targets, and discover and develop therapeutics for these targets.

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Using our proprietary platform, we are developing a broad pipeline of product candidates in oncology and beyond.