Ho Man Chan, PhD

Vice President, Head of Oncology and Translational Medicine

Foghorn’s Vice President, Head of Oncology and Translational Medicine, Ho Man Chan, PhD, brings to bear more than 15 years of drug discovery and development experience from both the academic and the pharmaceutical arenas.

An industry-leading expert in epigenetics and cancer biology, Ho Man has led the discovery and development of multiple first-in-class drug targets into clinical trials. Before joining Foghorn Therapeutics, he was a senior investigator at Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research and led multiple programs focused on cancer epigenetics and cell signaling.


Ho Man received his BS with honors (first class) in biochemistry from Imperial College, London, where he was also an associate of the Royal College of Science. He holds MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Glasgow. He was a Human Frontier Postdoctoral Fellow and completed his postdoctoral training at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with David Livingston.